SalesJet  - for those who want to simplify and automate their online marketing with the help of sales funnels and lightning fast reactions.


For online marketing

Modern Internet marketing is associated with many integrated platforms, programmers and a bunch of obscure tools.  


SalesJet helps to unite all this and, without spending a huge amount of time, test and implement the most unexpected marketing strategies and sales funnels.

Another site builder?

Not. Now you cannot surprise anyone with the tools for creating landing pages, but nevertheless, when creating a page you need to use it effectively - collect leads, applications, analyze and process them qualitatively.

This is easy to do with us. In a couple of minutes, you can set up a series of letters to the leaders who left a request on the landing page, or remind them via SMS 1 hour before the event, or send a file for downloading mail 12 hours after registration.

Is automation difficult?

Yes, it’s difficult. But our platform is designed so that complex things can be configured very simply. If you have a sales funnel in 93 steps, or just a series of letters after registering for a webinar.

Using the “stream”, you can easily “tie”, whether it be to a Facebook advertisement, or a page, a complex sequence of actions.


Funnel and Page Editor

E-mail newsletters

Facebook and other leads

Detailed and powerful analytics

Easy page editing

Domain Names

SSL certificates

Source Tracking

Accept payments


SMS sending

Phone calls

Creating training courses

CRM for working with leads and contacts

Conversion Tracking with 100% Accuracy

Of course, there a lot more features ...

So just try it! No credit card, no promises, no money


14 days trial

up to 250 leads

30 pages

1 gigabyte

$ 0

for 14 days and then automatic switch to
First Class

First Class

up to 5,000 leads

100 pages

5 gigabytes

Custom Domains + SSL

Additional administrators

+ everything in the FREE plan

$ 67

per month

Private Jet

up to 20,000 leads

500 pages

35 gigabytes

Custom Domains + SSL

Additional administrators

Priority support


+ everything in the First Class plan

$ 197

per month


For events, webinars, conventions

SalesJet is already actively used for gathering events, webinars, conferences


The conversion increase is due to a timely response to registration.


On one case, the increase in people who came to the event was 50%. Previously, in manual mode, out of 300 applications, 100 people came, but now out of 300, 150 come. 

Users successfully sell their products by setting up a multi-step sales funnel and automating it.


We have a funnel of 97 steps, in which a series of 27 letters is varied.


There are multi-funnel systems in which 5-6 lead capture products are involved, and then a more expensive product is sold.

For automate funnels and sales

There is a subsystem in the SalesJet, and it is called TrainingJet (TrainingJet). And with its help, online schools or training companies sell and provide courses


We have a school of painting that uses SalesJet and successfully develops using ONLY our system, because it has all the necessary kit for an online school.

Online schools

There are companies that use only a couple of features in SalesJet. 

For example, dental clinics use Facebook lead forms. The system instantly connects them with customers who submitted a form on Facebook.

Thanks to this, administrators do not spend hours dialing those who leave a request. 

Сontrol and track leads

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